Bring your vision to life with

Bespoke screens

Design your own patterns. Bring your brand into your space. Transform your office, restaurant, studio. Whatever you want to do, we’ve got you.

  • Design

    We create bespoke screens using your unique designs. Screens for occasions. Screens for businesses. Screens for your home. Just share your vision, we’ll make it real.

  • Brand

    Our bespoke screens are an iconic way to brand your space. A pattern created from your logo. A screen designed to your aesthetic. Anything’s possible. Everything’s possible.

  • Transform

    Our screens are a simple, stylish way to shape your space. Turn one room into many. Create privacy where you need it. Make a statement where it matters.

  • Celebrate

    Hit a milestone? Big event? Our bespoke screens are the perfect way to celebrate. And because they’re made from sustainable, durable materials, they’ll last long after the party!

  • One-off

    Limited edition. One of a kind. Our bespoke screen service makes it possible to create a unique statement in your home, garden or business. Everyone will want it. Only you have it.

  • Quick

    We can turn your vision into reality – rapidly by cutting your screens in our own warehouse! Once your patterns finalised, we’ll cut your screen, finish it with protective coating.


Are there matching posts?

Yes, we have purpose-built corner posts, full height, half height, and base plates for every surface. Our posts come in a range of heights to fit all of our screens. Shop the collection.

What are the screens made from?

Depending on the project and the look and feel you are going for. Our custom screens come in a variety of materials from our iconic, composite material made from a mixture of wood and plastic, corten metal, aluminium or galvenised steel.

How and when will my product be delivered?

Our custom screens can be cut and dispatched within 24 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. Once you have placed an order, one of our custom screen specialists will be in touch to discuss your requirements and will give you exact delivery information.As soon as the items are dispatched, you will receive tracking information so that you can track your delivery and plan for its arrival.

What designs can made into a custom screen?

Not only can you choose from one of our designs, we can also create a custom screen off of a design you have created. Or if you have an idea in mind such as incorporating a name into it, our designers can help bring your idea to life.